January 29, 2021

The year’s still pretty new: Resolve to finish home projects by spring!

Even as we hope that the long societal slowdown from the pandemic of 2020 may end soon, 2021 is looking up as a great time to finish those needed home improvement projects.

A cash-out refinance loan can be a helpful tool in paying for these projects, whether little makeovers or major remodels.

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The number of possible tasks can add up. Many homeowners are tempted to just give up before starting, whether just sprucing up or making the home more saleable.

We all know the feeling, right? How many times during quarantine did we promise to accomplish things we never got around to? You know, - learning to play the guitar, learning to speak Spanish and so on.

Don't give up! Make time for improvement!

It's important to follow through. One of the biggest mistakes made when planning home projects is failing to leave enough time to get it done.

Develop an effective system of task management: Even something as simple as using number values to correlate to the projects you feel are the most important and realistic.

It’s important not to ignore the project for too long. Go forward with confidence, and you’re almost certain to get a good base started, if not a top-notch finished product. Keeping a positive attitude is key.

People who have trouble finishing projects don’t have problems seeing the big picture - they are more worried about getting hung up on the steps.

Just a few minutes a day is usually enough to sustain momentum. You’ll make progress little by little.

Take time to celebrate each step, each little accomplishment and each daily goal. Then take time to recharge and regroup. When you’re ready, continue.

If you like it after dipping your foot in the pool, it’s time to go whole hog. Always leaving things half-done it will eventually leave you wholly unsatisfied.

The feeling you get from accomplishing a home improvement with little or no help is truly hard to equal.

Your home goes immediately from being a “place to live” to a “place you helped build.” A little piece of you is now in the work, the wood – the very fiber of the home.

All that being said, it’s important to know your limits. The great drawback to DIY home improvement is trying to do too much.

Consider hiring a professional if you have any doubts. Trying to save a few bucks doing things yourself can make for costly mistakes. Even if it looks easy on YouTube, it might not be.