Buying your first home is a major event. And it’s normal to feel a simultaneous sense of excitement and where do I start!? So let us add some clarity: start right here with these basic first-time homebuyer tips and tools.
Start Living Your Dream Today - Get Started Buying a Home | Bay Equity Home Loans

Start living your dream today

So, you’re ready to buy your first home. First of all, congratulations. Second, let’s get started. There are many steps to buying a home, and we want to help you every step of the way, starting now.

Get to Know the Different Types of Home Loans - Buy Your First Home | Bay Equity Home Loans

Get to know the types of loans

The only similarity between two home loans is that they’re both very different. Let us show you the types of loans available to you. Once you know your options, we can help figure out your next move.

Find Your Bay Equity Home Loan Team - Get Started Buying a Home | Bay Equity Home Loans

Find your team

You’re ready to begin the process of buying your first home. We’re proud of you. And we’re here to support your home-buying dream like it’s our own.

Calculate Your Home Loans Payments - Buy Your First Home | Bay Equity Home Loans

Calculate your payments

When aiming toward the goal of homeownership, it helps when you can see your target. Use these mortgage calculators to figure out what it will take to get into your first home. We’ll help you get specifics and take into account your loan options, goals and financial situation.