May 4, 2021

Stimulate home value by adding another bathroom

Awash in extra money for home improvements with the arrival of more stimulus cash? Maybe it’s time to consider adding a new bathroom.

The cost will be defrayed, maybe in full, by the concurrent rise in home value. The conventional wisdom is that you’ll add about a fifth to your house’s value, in general, if you add a full bath.
If you add a half bathroom, then you’ll get about a tenth of the value added on.

And with so many of us spending more time at home, it might serve as a way to defray those daily territorial battles over the facilities with your children and/or significant other.

Maybe you just want a place to be alone for more than five minutes without hearing a knock at the door.

Regardless of your reasoning, an extra bathroom is a useful addition to make to your home - and it may even increase its value.

Costs can vary, depending on wants and needs. If you have a space marked out, with relatively easy access to plumbing, you can probably get by for less than $3,000 for a half bathroom with just a sink and toilet.

If you need to add an entirely new space with a bath or shower totally from scratch, the cost will probably be closer to $25,000. With home equity reaching all time highs, a home refinance loan is another possibility to help pay for large scale home improvement projects.

Of course, if you need a very large bathroom, or want a lot of amenities, costs will rise. Unless you can do the electrical and plumbing yourself, you’ll be paying professionals at least $50 an hour. And don’t forget permits. You don’t want to be stepping on any legal toes.

And where to place the new facilities? While it’s true a bathroom can be made to work pretty much anywhere in the home, you might want to choose certain rooms or locales to make the addition more efficient and/or affordable.

It’s a good idea to try to use the layout of plumbing already installed in your house whenever you can. Many homeowners find installing a new bathroom back to back with an existing one fits the bill.

You’d also be well advised to consider the aesthetics and the, ahem, acoustics. Will there be a living room nearby? There is something not quite right about a bathroom that adjoins the dining room. Just off the kitchen is debatable, too.

In no particular order, here’s the top five suggestions by the experts at HomeAdvisor:

• Hallways – Roomy and often isolated, can be easily accessed from other rooms.

• Closets – Wise if it’s big enough. Need at least 4 feet by 4 feet of combined space.

• Laundry Room – Makes sense, likely already going to have water and drain hookups.

• Bedroom – It’s usually possible to get a couple of feet on one side. Attractive to buyers.

• Garage – First floor and convenient to connections. Tend to have excess space.

Bathroom remodels can be stressful, but more often than not, homeowners find adding that extra seating provides long-term comfort and practicality, as well as an infusion of home value.