November 7, 2019

Plan to ease moving stress

Moving takes an emotional toll on everyone, and is particularly stressful on family relationships.

How can something that should be such a great moment be so hard?

In a recent survey, some of the biggest problems listed were moving day snafus caused by poor planning: Misplaced documents, misplaced possessions, and furniture that didn't fit through doors or into designated spaces.

Almost 25 percent of respondents said they waited until the last minute to plan their move.

By starting at least two months ahead of time on your comprehensive moving plan, you can avoid most, if not all, of the potential emotional pitfalls.

Here's How:

  • Two months prior: Begin getting estimates from moving companies. Keep a “moving binder” of important documents, which will eventually include mortgage docs, estimates, receipts and an inventory list.

  • One month before: Start getting rid of everything that is broken, used up or totally processed BEFORE your move. Recycle often. The last thing you need is to be wasting time and energy moving things you don't use anymore. Make weekly drops at the thrift store. Sell stuff online.

  • Two weeks out: Order moving supplies and take measurements. Pack infrequently used items. Note items of special value and prepare a list. Label boxes. Do a change of address at your local post office, or do it online at Inform neighbors and creditors.

  • One week before: Finish general packing. Pack suitcases with clothes for the next few days. Refill any important prescriptions. Label anything you’ll need right away as “essential.” Arrange kennels for nervous pets. Moving your family is going to be nerve-wracking enough without Tiger and Fido underfoot.

  • Moving Day: Add serial numbers to the list of all of the valuables you ARE allowing the movers to take care of. Take pictures and video, if possible. Designate a “no packing zone” - place to put items movers are not to touch. Use labeled plastic zipper bags to hold small items you don’t want touched, separated or lost.

  • Re-connecting electronics: Hooking up computers, DVR and DVD players may seem simple. After all, you hooked them up before, right? but it can be a massively stressful task. Now how did that wire go? Take pictures beforehand and/or label connections.

  • Take Inventory: Before the movers leave, sign the bill of lading/inventory list and keep a copy.

Sixty-three percent of survey participants listed moving as one of the most stressful days of their lives...beating out wedding days.

You've already navigated home searching stresses. Plan ahead - avoid worries from changing addresses.