November 4, 2019

Parties Make the Work Flow

Most of us have had occasion to help someone move, or even had friends over to help us move.

For the price of a six-pack and a pizza, friends and family help friends and family with this sort of thing (hopefully not too often).

But why limit it to moving? In Amish country, members of the community hold what is called a “barn-raising bee” to help neighbors with big construction projects.

Take a page out of the Amish handbook and host a little work party for that next home renovation!

Don’t worry too much about overhead costs. If you do it right, you’re going to save a ton!

Start with the invites: Advertise it as a housewarming party with perks. Make it clear what the project involves so guests will know how to dress and what to expect.

On the flips side, you should lower your own expectations. Choose a project providing measurable results within a realistic time frame. Seeing significant progress is one way to give guests a positive memory of the experience.

A painting party doesn’t require any specialized skills, and generally takes less than an afternoon. Other simple, fun projects include yardwork, carpet removal, bathroom re-tiles and click-to-fit floor installation.

That being said, it’s okay not to finish the whole thing. Most groups don’t have the work ethic and sheer numbers to complete any major remodels.

Gather all the tools and supplies needed ahead of time. Have the supplies set out where they are easy to find, with a task assigned to each guest. Be sure to have some flexibility. People can lose interest if they feel their talents aren't being utilized.

Play some upbeat music to keep the energy level high. Serve healthy snacks and plenty of water.

Probably best to leave the alcohol for after the work is done. There are too many stories of projects gone wrong when the home reno becomes a three-martini affair.

Designate a bathroom/room for guests to clean up, and have lots of soap, towels and wet wipes on hand. Extra T-shirts as cover ups or as replacement wear makes a lot of sense, too.

A party favor like an inexpensive home stud-finder/level tool is another way to give your guests something to remember.

Once you pull off a successful work party, make sure to send out thank you cards, along with an offer to help your friends host their own parties, now that you are the expert.