July 1, 2020

Making staycation memories

After months of being cooped up at home, you and your loved ones may be dealing with a serious case of cabin fever.

As America rings in its freedom this July with some of the lowest gas prices in a decade, you might be ready to hit the superhighways for a road trip!

But in the midst of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic crisis, it’s not that simple to “pick up and go.” Different states across the country are still in various stages of re-opening – some are allowing visitors, some not.

If travel isn’t practical – or comfortable – yet, you can still create an appealing "staycation" right in your own home!

If you’re bored with board games, and you’ve watched everything in your Netflix queue, try mixing it up with some staycation “themes.” It can be camping in the wilderness one night, the cafés of Paris the next, then a weekend on the beach in Hawaii.

Nothing spells summertime fun like backyard camping! Add authenticity with a backyard fire pit featuring marshmallows and hot dogs cooked over an open flame. Because of the respiratory effects, some places are banning backyard burning. Yet another reason to fire up the electric or gas grill!

What about that dream beachside resort? You can build an outdoor oasis on any budget. Go big and truck in a load of sand or spend thousands of dollars on a patio remodel or above-ground pool. Or maybe just settle for umbrella drinks, Hawaiian shirts and a slip and slide.

It seems into every vacation, a little rain must fall! But the great thing about staycations is you’re not stuck with your original plan: Whether the weather, you can transform a room or corner of your house into a game room, or simply pull out all your spare blankets and make a big old fort.

And just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you have to stick to regular routines – or expenditures. Vacations are all about little indulgences – like that special high-calorie dessert or expensive wine. While not everyone can go out to eat as easily as before, we can all support local business by ordering delivery or takeout from a theme-related restaurant!

Treat yourself to turndown service by making beds daily and topping pillows with a chocolate. Stock a tray with drinks and snacks to re-create a minibar experience.

Complete the full hotel experience by stocking robes and slippers for your “guests” in the bathroom.