March 5, 2020

Make your dream home a reality

Bay Equity Home Loans wants to help you make your dreams a reality.

According to recent reports, real estate apps like and are becoming a sort of digital fantasyland for renters – a place to visit not for the listings, but just to imagine living in homes they probably can’t afford: Victorians in San Francisco, brownstones in Boston and penthouses in Manhattan.

While this might seem like harmless fun, obsessive aspiration to something out of reach can make the home search even more stressful.

While it could drive some people toward achieving the goal of home ownership, it could become another negative albatross weighing down your future.

Experts say it’s better to look at the long-term picture. There’s nothing wrong with starting small to get your foot in the door.

Over time (and possibly several homes) home ownership can become an instrument for gaining long-term wealth while making family and neighborhood ties.

Home ownership breeds better communities. Homeowners are more likely to support local businesses and get involved in local events and causes.

But the real value is pride of ownership.

There’s no feeling like having a place of your own. In America, once you own a home, you’ve reached a pinnacle of sorts. Maybe it’s not a private jet or a mansion on the beach, but it’s something that’s yours and yours alone.

Even home maintenance feels like an achievement when the home is yours! Though it’s hard work, homeowners receive mental health benefits through a greater sense of control.

More than 75 percent of renters say they would prefer to own a home, but many don’t see it is a viable financial opportunity. Many assume a 20 percent down payment is required and may not be aware of federal and state low-down payment programs.

Others believe their credit scores are too low to qualify, unaware their entire financial picture - including income, assets, debt-to-income ratio, and the amount of the loan - are all also part of the equation.

Bay Equity Home Loans can help you explore all your options.

We know. It’s tough to imagine your dreams when up to half of your income goes to pay the rent.

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