June 9, 2020

Even Virtual Home Loans Require Human Touch

The coronavirus crisis put the mortgage industry into technology overdrive the last couple of months.

In this no-touch environment, consumers insist on the ability to conduct financial transactions remotely. After searching online for suitable home loans, they’ll email the real estate agent for a few virtual tours.

When they’re ready to buy, a potential borrower can power through pre-qualifying in just a few minutes with a call to Bay Equity. It’s easier and easier to access and upload important documents needed for the application process.

Technology has eased the burden for wet signing of each required document – most can be signed electronically. A few quick emails, texts or online conference calls, and a few weeks later, they are clear to close. Like nothing, right?

As a result of great marketing and yes, amazing technology, many consumers believe the lending process is near full automation, conducted in a “virtual” world.

But in reality, dozens - if not hundreds - of moving parts go into making a home loan, and it’s the human touch that makes them happen.

From loan officers to appraisers to underwriters and closers, all those documents are getting checked and re-checked for accuracy every step of the way.

In today’s economy, that’s more important than ever. Your clients may be asked for documentation at the very last minute. Everyone is being scrutinized more closely to make sure we’re all on track.

Lenders confirm the integrity of each part of that application.

Without the human experience and expertise to judge each circumstance on a case-by-case basis, a home loan just doesn’t get done.

Each loan has its own quirks and conditions, not all of which can be solved by a robotic algorithm. Bay Equity’s people are the right people for the job.

Our experienced loan officers and exceptional operations staff are working to make sure your clients get the most transparent and efficient home buying transaction possible.

Bay Equity: We’re here to get you home.