October 25, 2023

EquityAvail hybrid Reverse Mortgage helps seniors refinance into a lower monthly mortgage payment

Bay Equity Home Loans' menu of reverse mortgage options now includes EquityAvail, an innovative new retirement mortgage for people looking to refinance into a lower monthly mortgage payment.

EquityAvail is a hybrid forward-reverse loan for older Americans that allows a reduced monthly mortgage payment that disappears over time.

For the first 10 years of the loan term, EquityAvail lowers monthly mortgage payments. After that, it eliminates them altogether to ease cash flow and the transition into retirement.

EquityAvail may also provide for cash out at closing, allowing you to use the funds as you wish.

Along with EquityAvail, Bay Equity also offers more traditional Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) and proprietary reverse mortgages for borrowers 55 and older (state specific restrictions apply).*

Reverse mortgages can also be used to purchase a new primary residence without the need to make a monthly mortgage payment.

With these special loans, qualified borrowers may drastically reduce or even eliminate the principal and interest portion of their mortgage payment and improve monthly cash flow.

Your Bay Equity loan officer has access to a dedicated team of reverse mortgage specialists. Call today for more details.

This material is not from HUD or the FHA, and this document is not approved by HUD or by the FHA or any other Federal Agency. Not available in all states. Contact your loan officer for more information