January 29, 2020

Bay Equity: We're here to get you home

At Bay Equity, we’re all about guiding our clients to the place where they’re going to invest time and money in making memories that last a lifetime.

Recently in Avon, CT, Loan Officer Alyssa Caliendo (second from left) helped client Jacob Mendez close a loan on his first home. After many years of hard work, the single dad saved up enough to buy a home for himself and son Jayden (left).

Alyssa and her team were able to get the them into the new place before Christmas. Jacob said he was impressed with the ease and transparency of working with Bay Equity. The process was so comfortable, he remarked he wasn't even nervous at closing!

Our loan officers help borrowers take more than just a passing glance at future goals, no matter how distant they might seem.

For instance, is marriage or family completely out of the question? While perfectly acceptable for a single person, home size can be a source of significant conflict when the other half moves in. And even more significant if more little ones join the fray.

Better you think about it now – and remember that many other families feel the same way. Insufficient living capacity has a chilling effect on resale value.

And what about location? As any real estate professional will tell you – it’s all about location. But there are so many nuances.

For many urban residents, price is inversely proportional to the distance from work centers. Sometimes, it’s worth a long drive to the office to get an attractive price on the kind of home you enjoy.

A lot depends on the amount of traffic and the quality of infrastructure in the area, including mass transportation. For ardent drivers, gas, insurance and wear and tear on a vehicle can really take a toll. Maybe your new neighborhood has a carpool?

For others, choosing a home in the area they want to be in the future, rather than where they currently work, makes more sense. There are a number of younger folks who have turned to buying a home far out in the suburbs, while renting out a place to live near the city. They rent out the home they purchase for now, then plan to move into it when they are more settled in their professional and financial goals. It’s a great way to get into homeownership on the ground floor.

For those who are having trouble getting started with the financials, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of federal, state and local down payment assistance (DPA) products available to help. Ask your Bay Equity loan officer. We can help!

The point is, the perfect house is out there. Do your due diligence and don’t be afraid to ask questions. The house you end up with might be your home for 30 years or more.

Sure there are ways to change a home after you move in, but you probably will want more time – and money – to spend on more enjoyable activities.

Bay Equity is here to help you make the right choice. The first time, and every time. We’re here to get you home.