August 9, 2021

Bay Equity lands customers for life

In the literary classic “Moby Dick,” ship Captain Ahab is driven mad in his pursuit of an elusive pale cetacean.

Your next home may not exactly be a “white whale,” but all the competition may have you feeling a little crazy.

Netting that dream home is no easy task in today’s market. The worm is hard to get no matter how early you are.

For more than a year now, sellers have been in charge of the housing pool. Buyers are all just swimming in it. Summer 2021 hasn’t seen a slowdown.

In June, the nationwide median home sale price topped another record high of $365,000, up 24% annually. Sales have slowed somewhat as prices rise, but demand is still up a whopping 20% from the same time in 2019.

Sellers know if one bidder backs out of a deal, there’s certainly going to be another offer along soon. It might be worth it to make some concessions to keep the sellers happy – even if they seem a little “off the wall.”

For example, it used to be fairly standard for sellers to leave the major appliances behind.

Not so much anymore. With so many potential suitors, real estate agents say more homeowners feel empowered to take the kitchen sink – literally. Not to mention the stove, the fridge and maybe even some trees from the back yard.

Give sellers the benefit of the doubt. With the global supply chain still sputtering after the pandemic, maybe they’re not sure they can find replacements for sentimental items.

Here is the takeaway lesson: You cannot assume anything is included if it is not nailed down. You cannot even assume it is included if it is nailed down. Check with the seller before signing the contract.

But there’s something you can always count on. When you finally do make that successful offer, Bay Equity Home Loans will be there to provide a stress-free mortgage loan process the rest of the way.

Let us guide you around all the usual snags with our local crews of experienced, knowledgeable mortgage professionals.

Since 2007, Bay Equity has been providing what borrowers are fishing for: Long-term, honest relationships built on the best in customer service and the highest standards. Avoid the turgid waters of less dedicated lenders. Bay Equity is the ultimate home loan spot!