November 10, 2021

You can still buy a home in time for Christmas.

If you are working with a knowledgeable, efficient and motivated lender like the Boles Group lending team at Bay Equity Home Loans, it’s not too late. You can still celebrate Christmas 2021 in a new home. Here's the timeline:

First things first. Submit your application as soon as possible and authorize your loan officer to pull your credit file. Absolutely nothing can happen until your loan officer has verifiable permission to pull credit.

Once your application is submitted, you’ll need to provide all documentation and hire a realtor.

  • Prequalification

    The first step in the life of your mortgage is pre-qualification. During this step your loan officer will review your application and documentation in order to make a preliminary determination of the type of loan and loan amount that best fits your situation.

  • Pre -Process and Home Shopping

    You’ll be in regular communication with your loan officer and realtor during the pre-process and shopping stage. When buying a home, the loan file moves forward when your lender receives a copy of your purchase contract from your realtor. When you are on a tight deadline, it’s not the time to work with your cousin’s best friend’s sister who just got her real estate license last week. Your Boles Group loan officer will recommend a quality realtor who is responsive, efficient and has a good track record when the pressure is on.

These first two steps will need to take place prior to Thanksgiving in order to complete the following steps ahead of the Christmas holiday.

Clients and their realtors will need to keep an eye on their email inbox and respond to communication from both their loan officer and the loan processor as quickly as possible while their loan is being processed.

  • In-Process

    There is a lot that goes on with an in-process loan. Accurate and timely communication with your lending team is crucial to make sure all appropriate documentation is provided in an acceptable format, that all the required forms are signed, and the loan can move forward.

  • Approval

    Once an underwriter has approved your loan and all conditions have been met, closing documents are sent and you are ready to sign.

  • Funding

    After signing, funds are sent from the lending bank through a title company to the seller. In the case of a refinance, funds are sent to the bank holding the borrower’s current mortgage.

If you are serious about celebrating Christmas in your brand new home, the Boles Group at Bay Equity and their realtor partners are your best bet to make it happen. Call 480-279-0032 to get started.


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