December 24, 2019

Why you should hire a Realtor

Yes, you should hire a Realtor

Today we're going to talk about the importance of hiring a Realtor to help you when you're going to buy or sell a property.

It’s easy to think that you can go it alone: just
stick a sign in the yard, sell the property, or just go find a house and make an offer.

Did you know there's actually over 180 things that a Realtor can do for you during the buying or selling process?

We won’t go into all of them, but let's focus on three.

  1. They're going to help you negotiate the price correctly.

  2. They’re going to help set your expectations, tell you about what's going to happen, and what to expect.

  3. They’re going be able to manage your fears and your concerns throughout the whole process.

Those are three three biggest ones that we see, as well as contract negotiation, solving problems and more.

Take this as an example:

We had a client that had come to us several times in the past before. We've helped them buy a couple

of other homes, and they were coming back to buy a third home, which was actually the house next door. They thought it'd be easy since they already knew the seller (their neighbor), and they could just deal with them directly.

Then there were problems
when the appraisal came back, and there were some negotiations that
needed to happen. We needed an addendum to the contract, and we're not licensed
real estate professionals—we can't advise him on how to
do that.

That's why you have a Realtor.

They had to go it alone. They had to write it up on their own, and they got very
frustrated with the whole process. In the end, it all closed, but they did say

"I will never go it again alone and not use a Realtor in that process".

It's really important to get a true professional to help you when you're buying or selling your property. If you have any questions about the home buying or selling process, give us call. We're here to help.

Watch our video on this topic here.