April 21, 2022

What to look for in a mortgage lender.

A quality lender will make a world of difference in your home buying experience. It's no secret that low inventory and cash investors have made it more difficult to finance a home purchase. An experienced lender with a five-star reputation could be the difference between an accepted offer and another weekend of home tours.

Cut-rate online lenders, inexperienced loan officers and impersonal big bank call centers all create a nightmare home buying experience. As with anything, cheap and easy is never easy (or cheap).

Recognizing quality in a lender can be a bit difficult at first glance. In most cases, borrowers won't know the difference until they are too far into the transaction to do anything about it.

An quality lending team will have a level of knowledge and resourcefulness that only comes with decades of experience in the mortgage industry. When problems arise, they find solutions quickly without putting the transaction at risk.

Here is what you should look for in a mortgage lender:

  • Experience

    Every borrower brings a unique set of circumstances and challenges. Loan officers who have been in the business awhile have a better understanding of the process and are better equipped to find solutions.

  • Flexibility

    Access to a wide variety of loan programs, exceptional regulatory knowledge and a strong network of professional relationships allow the loan officer to better accommodate the diverse needs of their home buying clients.

  • Realtor Referrals

    Federal regulations prohibit lenders from providing monetary incentives to their realtor partners. Their recommendations are based on an effective working relationship with the lender. A good realtor will always recommend a great lender.

  • Client Reviews

    Online reviews are a useful tool when deciding on a lender. Pay special attention to what clients say about communication, the loan process and overall customer experience. Words like reliable, available, patient, accommodating and helpful are all good indicators.

With 70+ years combined experience, the Boles Group at Bay Equity Home Loans in Gilbert knows that it takes more than competitive interest rates to move from application to approval to funding with an on-time every-time standard of service.

Boles Group lending professionals are experts in the full array of mortgage loan products including Conventional, FHA, VA, USDA, Jumbo and Reverse options. They are available and responsive and pride themselves on providing accurate, timely answers to whatever questions clients might have.

In addition to their reputation for exceptional communication, the team’s in-house underwriting, on-site processing and secure digital document handling result in an affordable, efficient and worry-free home purchase experience.


Bay Equity Home Loans – Boles Group is licensed to originate home loans for purchase or refinance in 15 states (AZ, CA, CO, Fl, GA,HI, ID, MN, NM, NV, OK, OR, TN, TX, WA). Boles Group lending professionals have the knowledge and experience to create solutions where other lenders create problems. The team prides itself on responsive, accurate communication and is highly regarded by clients and business associates alike.