May 18, 2020

USDA Income Limits Increase!

Remember earlier this year, when the FHA, VA, reverse mortgage, and conventional loan limits increased? We know a lot has happened in just the few months since then, and we wanted to share more good news: The USDA just increased its income loan limits!

USDA loans are loans backed by the US Department of Agriculture with the intention to finance homes in some of the nation's small communities. There are some great down payment options, and qualifying for this loan program is a two-step process: first, you have to check if the property is USDA eligible (which you can do so online using this handy link), and the total household income cannot exceed certain limits, whether those people in your house are on the loan or not.

Good news: those income limits just went up, meaning more buyers have access to this fantastic loan program! You can check the nation-wide chart here, and we’ve broken it down for our local communities.

The new income limits are:

County: 1-4 people; 4-8 people

Skagit: $90,300, $119,200

Whatcom: $98,100 $129,500

Island: $90,300 $119,200

San Juan: $90,300 $90,300

Snohomish: $140,650 $185,650

King: $140,650 $185,650

Pierce: $140,650 $185,650

Are you interested in finding out if you qualify, or learning if you can take advantage of this incredible to opportunity? We’re here to help—contact us today to find out!