July 24, 2019

Understanding Buyer’s and Seller’s Markets

Knowing the differences between a buyer’s and seller’s market can help you feel more confident in the timing of your next home purchase.

Buyer’s Market – Supply exceeds demand

More properties to choose from \ More options in terms of location and features \ Homes may be on the market longer \ Buyers have the advantage when negotiating \ Burden is on the seller to price competitively and offer incentives \ May indicate a slowing or stagnant economy \ Equity growth may take longer

Seller’s Market – Demand exceeds supply

Fewer properties to choose from \ It may take longer to find the right home \ Homes sell quickly, buyers need to act fast \ Less opportunity for negotiation of price and concessions \ Burden is on the buyer to make a competitive, well-qualified offer \ More common in areas that are experiencing economic growth \ Home values rise quickly

The benefits of a buyer’s market are clear. More inventory means more choices, lower prices and a stronger negotiating position. It’s a great time to buy, especially for first time home buyers who don't have to worry about selling their current home.

In a seller’s market, the benefits to home buyers may not be not as obvious but they are significant.

A seller’s market means a growing local economy. Not only will the newly purchased home increase in value more quickly, but local tax revenues will increase as property values increase. This means your new community can invest in better roads, schools and infrastructure. The local job market is likely to be more stable in a growing economy and increased consumer spending will attract new business and entertainment venues to the area.

Long-term, the benefits of living in a strong local economy will outweigh the potential costs of buying in a seller’s market.

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