September 15, 2021

Tips for Sharing Your Home With a Roomate

Sharing your home with a Roommate, Romantic Partner or Spouse

Whether you are planning to jointly purchase a home with a close companion or are renting out your guest room to generate income, sharing your home with a properly vetted roommate is a great way to offset expenses, avoid feelings of isolation and it can be a very rewarding experience.

Whether your roommate is a friend, spouse, romantic partner or a stranger who answered your craigslist ad, the fundamentals of happy co-habitation are the same. It’s about setting expectations and keeping the lines of communication open.

With that in mind, here are some hot-button issues that are best addressed with a preemptive conversation and some basic ground rules.


  • Set clear expectations on how all monetary considerations will be handled.

  • How will the rent or mortgage be handled? Include deadlines and late fees if they apply.

  • How will the utilities and other shared household expenses be handled?

  • What about things like toilet paper, dish soap and ketchup?

Household Chores

  • Define unacceptable bad habits (dishes in the sink, socks on the floor, etc).

  • Create an agreed upon plan for management of cleaning and household chores.

Use of Common Areas

  • Assign Parking spots and discuss guest parking considerations.

  • Define appropriate common area attire for residents and overnight guests.

  • Allocate pantry space, closet space and other storage areas as needed.


  • Agree on a comfortable temperature range for summer and winter.

  • Make it clear whether roommates may or may not adjust the thermostat.


  • Define the maximum volume for the TV, stereo and other electronic devices.

  • Define agreed upon quiet hours and set volume parameters during quiet hours.


  • Create an agreed upon plan for how to manage the household groceries.

  • Allocate fridge space if groceries are to be purchased separately.

  • Discuss not-for-sharing grocery items and any special dietary considerations

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