January 25, 2022

Mortgage Solutions for Self-Employed, Contract and Gig Workers

Although strict underwriting standards are a good thing, they can make it hard for those who work on a gig-to-gig basis to document their ability to repay a mortgage.

Contractors, freelancers and entrepreneurs (including rideshare and food delivery drivers) may find it cumbersome to prove they have steady work and income. Optimizing available write-offs may diminish tax burden, but it also reduces the amount of income available for consideration on a home loan application.

The Boles Group at Bay Equity Home Loans in Gilbert is known for creating solutions to these types of problems. The Boles Group lending team has the knowledge, experience and flexible loan products needed to approve self-employed borrowers who may not qualify elsewhere.

  • Bank Statements - The Boles Group has loan programs available that require no tax return at all. If all other criteria for the program are met, income and work history are verified using business and personal bank statements.

  • Union Membership – Union workers like contractors, educators and even actors can verify a stable work history from the date their union membership started.

  • Home Purchase Planning –Your Boles Group loan officer can review your loan options with you and, if needed, work with your tax professional to ensure all income documentation meets the necessary requirements. (Note:Make your home purchase plan prior to filing your 2021 tax return!)

It's time to stop renting. Enjoy the freedom of owning your own business AND your own home. Visit yourhomeforloans.com or call 480-279-0032 to learn more.