November 25, 2020

Hidden Benefits Of Home Ownership

If you are considering a home purchase, you are probably looking forward to eliminating rent increases, pet restrictions and some of the other irritations of answering to a landlord. You may also know that buying your own home is a reliable strategy for gaining long-term wealth with minimal risk to your initial investment.

It doesn’t stop there. Buying a home is so much more than putting a roof over your head and building equity.

Home ownership is the heart of a great community.

As homeowners make family and neighborhood ties, they contribute to the health and stability of their local community. Homeowners are more likely to:

  • Support local businesses

  • Get involved in local events

  • Volunteer or donate to local causes

  • Vote in local elections

Housing Drives Local and National Economic Growth

According to the October 2019 In Focus report by Congressional Research Service, housing is a vital sector of the U.S. economy that influences new job creation and employment stability.

  • Residential construction contributes well over 800,000 jobs to the national economy.

  • Residential real estate investments and household services account for close to 15% of U.S gross domestic product.

  • Home ownership holds close to a 25% share of households’ net worth.

Pride-of-Ownership creates a sense of satisfaction and wellbeing

In American culture, owning a home is an important symbol of independence and stability that contributes to:

  • improved self-esteem

  • increased sense of satisfaction

  • greater sense of being in control

While getting a dog, painting your bedroom and planting a garden are all fun ways to enjoy the freedom of home ownership, the benefits to you and your community go much deeper than a coat of paint.

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