February 2, 2022

Get it together!

Tax time is a great time to organize your financial documents, especially if you are planning to purchase or refinance a home. Here are some of the more common items to keep organized and handy.

All Borrowers:

• State issued photo ID

• Bank Statements (Past 2 Months)

• Investment and Retirement Account Statements

• Tax Returns (Past 2 Years)


• Homeowners Insurance Documents

• HOA Statement

• Mortgage Statement

Payroll Employee:

• W-2s (Past 2 years)

• Pay Stubs (Past 2 months)


• 1040 and 1120 (if applicable)

• 1099s for any reported income

• Business accounting and expense records

• Deposit receipts

If you think you might buy or refinance a home any time in the next 2 years, it’s a good idea to talk to a Boles Group lending professional BEFORE filing your 2021 taxes.

The Boles Group lending team can help you create a personalized home buying plan that includes everything from credit considerations to timing your move out. Your Boles Group loan officer will follow up regularly to make sure everything stays on track and moves according to plan.