March 16, 2016

Documentation to Provide to your Lender for your Home Mortgage Application

You're wanting to get a home mortgage to either buy a house or to refinance your current home, and you want to know what paperwork your lender will need. The list below contains the most common items that you can submit to help the process go smoother and quicker. This information also helps us give you the best advice possible and allows us to discuss loan terms more accurately.

Submit the following documentation: You can upload your documents to our secure portal, email them to me as PDF attachments, fax them to our office (does anybody use fax anymore?), mail them to us and we'll scan them and mail them back (does anybody have stamps laying around?), or drop by our firm and we'll scan them for you.

  1. Bank, investment and retirement statements
    Most recent covering a 60 day period for your checking, savings, investment and retirement accounts. The only acceptable formats are copies of the statements you get in the mail, or the PDF version of your statement from your bank's website. If your statements say Page 1 of 8 make sure all 8 pages are included.

  2. Paystubs
    Most recent 30 day consecutive period (example: March 15 to April 15

  3. W-2s & 1099s for the last two (2) years

  4. Tax returns (all schedules, all pages) for the last two (2) years

  5. If you own more than 25% of a business, we'll also need:

    1. Corporate tax returns for the past two (2) years

    2. K1s for those corporate taxes for the past two (2) years

  6. If you own other properties:

    1. Latest mortgage statement on all owned properties

    2. Latest home owner's insurance bill or declarations page on all owned properties

  7. Social Security and pension award letters (if applicable)

  8. Divorce decree (if applicable), including

    1. Child support documents

    2. Separation agreement

  9. DD-214 or In-Service Letter from your CO (VA only)

  10. Driver's license, passport or other picture I.D. (for identification purposes)

  11. DNA sample (we don't really need this, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's coming soon)

Once we have your documentation, we will contact you to review your file either over the phone or in person, and interview you to determine your goals and how we can tailor your mortgage to suit your individual needs.