December 4, 2019

Can you use internet bank statements for your loan?

Can you use an internet bank statement to satisfy a lender’s requirement?

That questions comes up a lot, and it depends.

There needs to be certain identifying factors on the printout in order for us to be able to use:

  1. The statement must have your name, the bank’s name, and your full account number.

We can accept the partial account number if we already have another bank statement from you for that account and with the full account number on it so we can match them.

  1. The statement must have proper balances and records.

The statement needs to have your beginning balance, your ending balance, and the complete transaction history between those two points.

  1. Make sure to include the URL and all pages!

We’ll need the web address showing at the bottom, so you’ll need to make sure your printer settings aren’t cutting that information off. Make sure you include all pages! Even if that third page is blank, a statement with page numbers will read as incomplete (and thus ineligible) without all the pages needed.

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