September 2, 2020

Benefits of the Lender-For-Life approach to mortgage lending.

The Boles Group at Bay Equity Home Loans Lender-for-Life philosophy is not just a fun tag line. It is the development of a mutually beneficial long-term relationship between a team of highly involved lending professionals and the homeowners they serve.

The team works hard to instill confidence and build trust and they continue to look out for the best interest of each and every client well after close of escrow. Here are just a few of the standard long-term services offered by The Boles Group – Your Lender for Life.

  • Regularly Scheduled Account Review

    The Boles Group conducts quarterly reviews of every loan they’ve ever funded. They touch base with each client to make sure all information is updated and review the file for opportunities to improve the loan.

  • Account Alerts

    The Boles Group lending professionals are constantly monitoring housing and financial markets. If a sudden change creates an unexpected opportunity, the team will reach out to any client who may benefit from it.

  • Monthly Home Value Update

    All clients who have closed a loan with the Boles Group will received a monthly email that includes a variety of customized information including the current market value of their home, potential rental income and refinance scenarios.

  • Monthly Newsletter

    The Bay Equity monthly newsletter offers insightful articles of interest to home owners, potential home buyers and real estate professionals.

  • Referral Network

    From tax accounting, property insurance and home security to landscape, housekeeping and interior design, when a Boles Group client needs a guy, there’s a good chance the Boles Group lending team knows a guy (or gal) and would be happy to make a referral.

Boles Group clients can rest assured knowing they are well informed and that regardless of their interest in financial and real estate news, they will never miss out on favorable market conditions. They know they will get an answer when they ask a question and when the time comes to refinance or purchase a new home, they know who to call.