October 6, 2021

Avoid shoveling the driveway this winter.

A second home in a warm climate where one can enjoy outdoor and cultural activities throughout the fall and winter months is an appealing option for many retirees.

The Boles Group at Bay Equity Home Loans has the knowledge, experience and flexible loan programs to make buying your vacation home a breeze, but financing isn’t all there is to it.

A weekend in your favorite secluded paradise is not the same as day-to-day living. Here are some things you’ll want to consider when shopping for your winter home.

Your daily life

  • How far are you willing to drive for groceries?

  • What are your healthcare and pharmacy needs?

  • What types of restaurants and entertainment venues are important to you?

Your social life

  • How will you connect with your community and make local friends?

  • What technology will you need to keep in touch with family and friends back home?

  • How often will you need to accommodate overnight guests from out of town?

Your home life

  • What amenities do you need to feel at home?

  • What will it take to furnish and decorate your new home?

  • How will you manage the upkeep each of your homes while you are away?

There’s a lot to think about and many important questions simply can’t be answered with an online search. If you are planning to buy a vacation home in Arizona or any of the states in which the Boles Group lending team is licensed, call 480-279-0032 to talk to a loan officer first.

The Boles Group lending team will take care of your pre-qualification and introduce you to a local real estate agent who will help you find the best house for you in the best location for you and who will negotiate best price possible. If needed, the team can also connect you to a wide network of local businesses to help you with everything your vacation home might need.

The Boles Group at Bay Equity Home Loans is licensed in a variety of popular winter destinations including Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, New Mexico and Nevada. Visit yourhomeforloans.com for our full list of state licensures.