December 4, 2019

A Guide to Bank Statements

Bank statements.

We’ve talked about internet bank statements before, but today, we’ll be giving you some other tips and tricks when it comes to securing these documents.

We get it—getting a bank statement can be frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some things to note:

• We’ll be asking for two months of bank statements back-to-back, so make sure your statements line up right.

• We’ll need all the pages. If we see “4 of 5”, but there’s no page 5, we’ll think there’s important information we’re missing. Yes, we need that last page, even if it’s blank.

• If you receive a transaction history print-out, it must include the bank name, your name, and the full account number (we can accept a partial account number on one statement if we have a separate bank statement with the full account number). It needs to have the beginning and ending balance. If anything is missing, we can’t use it.

• Watch out for cash deposits. We always have to investigate these to make sure the money is yours, and it could hold up the process if we’re unable to come up with a paper trail. It’s usually easier to avoid these all together.

Have any more questions about documentation? Let us know.

Watch our video on this topic here.