November 16, 2020

15 Reasons to Refinance Today

15 Reasons to Refinance

  1. Get a lower rate!
  2. Eliminate Mortgage Insurance
  3. Payoff high interest rate debt
  4. Remove a co-signer
  5. Cashout to help finance a 2nd home or vacation home
  6. Payoff your home sooner with a shorter term mortgage
  7. Consolidate Student Loans
  8. Cashout to renovate your current home
  9. Switch from an adjustable rate to a fixed rate mortgage
  10. Reset the term on your adjustable rate mortgage
  11. Lengthen the term of your loan to improve cash flow
  12. Cashout to invest in a business
  13. Pay off a 2nd mortgage
  14. Cashout to finance the down payment on a rental property
  15. Payoff an ex-spouse or business partner in a lump sum

Call us today. Mortgage rates have fallen to new record low multiple times in 2020, but there’s no guarantee that trend will continue.