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Receive a 1% lender credit at closing as a benefit for being an employee of a MERSC member company

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Mona Edick has been a proud member of MERSC for almost 20 years, ranking as Minnesota’s #1 residential loan originator by volume in 2016, 2017 and 2018. She is pleased to provide you with a 1% lender credit at closing*. This special promotion is only available to employees of MERSC members as well as to the friends and family of those employees.*

Savings Examples include:

– $500k loan amount => $5,000 lender credit

– $250k loan amount = >$2,500 lender credit

Minnesotans trust Mona and her team to help them refinance or buy a home. She will work tirelessly to provide you with CREATIVE insights on how you can achieve your homeownership or refinance goals.

* A lender credit in the amount of 1% of the loan amount will be provided at closing with Mona Edick. Discount must be mentioned at the time of loan application.

Mona Edick

NMLS ID# 452504

4210 Del Prado Blvd S
Cape Coral, FL 33904