Kurtis Murchison

Loan Officer

NMLS ID# 909154CO-MLO# 100041685

(970) 245-4152
700 Belford Ave
Suite 300
Grand Junction, CO 81501

Kurtis has been in the mortgage industry since 2012. He joined Fidelity Mortgage in 2014 and has helped process, Loan Coordinate, and Loan Originate more than 1,000 loans since. Working with many top producing teams has enabled Kurtis to develop a well-rounded and borrower friendly approach to mortgage lending. He has embraced many new technological advances the industry has afforded to make the loan process as easy as possible for you, although he can easily cater to those individuals who would prefer a more traditional experience.

Kurtis loves living in Grand Junction and exploring all that Colorado has to offer in his spare time. He looks forward to getting to know you more throughout the loan process.

You are invited to apply on-line, or to contact him personally to set up an appointment. Either way, you will benefit from his immediate attention, determination, and detail-oriented approach.

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