Kimberly Silverman

Sales Manager

NMLS ID# 450340

1512 Webster Street
Suite B
Alameda, CA 94501

What I will do is simple; I will be your trusted advisor for all things mortgage related. I'm not going to promise things I can't deliver or push you into decisions you are not comfortable with or say things to you just to make a sale. Because mortgage loan needs are so uniquely individual, I use a consultative approach with each client. I search the market for all possible financing scenarios, seeking highly competitive financing for the first-time home buyer to the multi-million-dollar investor. I will ensure that you understand your best loan options, the potential outcomes of each, and obtain the loan that addresses your specific financial needs and goals. I listen intently, to gain an understanding of your specific needs and I give you options.

I maintain a commitment to always doing what is right for my clients and to exceeding your expectations during and after your mortgage loan experience. And fortunately for me, my clients think I'm very good at it. You see, this is about you. It's your money, your house, your life.

The SilvermanTeam is here to help. I could not do this on my own. We are professional, enthusiastic, responsive, eager to help, and great to work with too!


Click here to review My GUIDE TO HOME LOAN SUCCESS FlipBook - We created this resource to provide information you need when purchasing a home.

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